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Specialty Restoration Services

Commercial Specialty Restoration Services

Many surfaces in your office or business will require a professional upkeep from time to time. Our team of restoration experts can visit your premises and make an assessment to give you a reasonable and honest quote for specialty restoration services.

We do all the work from moving furniture and equipment, to sanitation and resurfacing of flooring, counters, and marble. Our professional services can return your assets to a functional and aesthetical condition very close to when they were brand new.

How We Respond

  • We use sanding, polish, and sealers to restore marble, stone, tile, and concrete surfaces.
  • This is similar to wood flooring restoration except that water is usually applied during the treatment.
  • We use sanding, buffing and coating to restore your Hardwood Flooring.
  • If it’s damaged, we can dry the wood before sanding and buffing can be performed.

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